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International Expansion & FDI

Europe is a key market for aviation
– especially sustainable aviation.


European countries are decarbonising fast. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the resulting
energy challenges have accelerated that process. European and national policy mandates
are driving the adoption of renewable energy, and the aviation sector is no exception.

Europe is home to a growing ecosystem of innovative companies focusing on sustainable
aviation, a range of funding sources, and a very supportive policy environment for sustainable-transportation startups. European airlines and consumers are searching for lower-carbon solutions,
and policymakers are responding.


We have many years experience helping overseas companies to locate and succeed in Europe, especially in Ireland. Whether it's choosing the right location and the right deal, accessing the right supports, plugging in to the right networks (human and electronic) – we can help.

 Ireland is a very attractive location for international business and an ideal European base.

Ireland's a committed member of the EU and offers guaranteed access to the European market. It's the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone and provides a skilled workforce, high-quality educational institutions, a competitive cost base, and a fantastic quality of life.

For new or expanding aviation firms, Ireland's vibrant aviation and aerospace industry, pragmatic industry regulator, EASA membership, and broad pool of specialist talent, make the country a superb choice.

For logistics operations, Ireland offers a gateway between Europe and the Americas as well as an efficient and cost-effective warehousing location for B2B and B2C e-commerce.

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