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Aviation Strategy

The business has never been tougher.


Global air traffic is recovering from the COVID crisis, but the post-COVID world is very
Airlines, airports, and policymakers face some fundamental questions:

  • How can an airline optimise its network and fleet to stay alive and aim for profitability
    in this radically different market?

  • How can an airport tailor its offer to maximise the chances of new air service, or even
    to retain as much as possible of its pre-COVID network?

  • How can a public administration ensure that future air service development
    recovery benefits the wider community and aligns with public policy?

  • And how can industry stakeholders support the development of more environmentally-friendly
    aviation solutions?

We can provide expert advice and guidance, drawing on decades spent helping aviation stakeholders
with strategy, insight, and policy support.

Here are a few of our successful projects in recent years:

  • Redesign a regional airline's network to deliver 25% better utilisation with more attractive schedules
    and no additional crew requirements

  • Identify a new base for an airline, design the network, and negotiate the best multi-stakeholder
    incentive deal

  • Carry out a detailed analysis of fleet alternatives for a Middle Eastern flag carrier, culminating in a new fleet strategy

  • Redesign the schedule and set out a turnaround plan for a loss-making Low Cost Carrier

  • Pitch an underserved airport as a new base for an airline, enabling it to serve a lucrative niche market

  • Prepare and implement a strategic plan for development of state-owned airport and associated aviation industry cluster

  • Conduct a detailed feasibility study into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production for a national aviation regulator

  • Model the pan-European air traffic network to estimate the impact of different policy measures on air traffic and emissions

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