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Press Release

AviaPro Consulting and Altair Advisory to jointly develop Sustainability Consulting Services for Airports and Airlines

Toronto, January 24, 2023 – AviaPro Consulting and Altair Advisory announced a new
collaboration to jointly develop sustainability consulting solutions for Airports and Airlines.

AviaPro Consulting, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and Altair Advisory, based near Shannon,
Ireland, will work together to help the aviation industry on the path towards sustainability.

AviaPro Consulting, with its proven track record and its collaboration with customers and leading
consulting firms, is a well-established consulting practice advising airlines, airports and CAA on
infrastructure, operations, and commercial strategy.

Altair Advisory, led by its founder and Managing Director Patrick Edmond, brings wide-ranging know-how in the area of aviation sustainability.

Kevin Clarke, Head of Aviation Consulting at AviaPro, commented: "This is a long-term commitment. Collaboration within the aviation ecosystem plays a significant role in supporting this much-needed change of minimizing emissions in the aviation industry. As part of AviaPro's advancement strategy, this partnership with Altair Advisory demonstrates our deep commitment to sustainable operations in the aviation industry by bringing one of the most highly-regarded professionals in the sector to partner with us."

Patrick Edmond, Managing Director of Altair Advisory, said: “Aviation plays a vital role in the modern world, but the way the industry operates is quite simply unsustainable, and the need for change is urgent. I’m privileged to be able to help my clients plan for and deliver those changes, and I’m delighted to be partnering with AviaPro Consulting to offer our combined expertise more broadly and to develop new solutions to accelerate aviation’s transition.”

By developing a new Sustainability portfolio for Airports and Airlines along with Altair Advisory, AviaPro further enhances its capabilities and positions the company as an industry leader in Sustainability Consulting Services. In parallel, Altair Advisory will draw on AviaPro Consulting’s infrastructure to expand its research on the topic and to deploy new concepts and tools to the industry.


About AviaPro Consulting

AviaPro Consulting deals in every aspect of the aviation market, operating in Commercial Aircraft and Business Aircraft worldwide. AviaPro Consulting works with an extensive network of aviation companies and professionals. Our associates complement our expertise and background with location-specific know-how spanning North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our wide-ranging grid of resources empowers us to best provide our clients with indispensable services ranging from business planning to audits and action plans, to technical support services.

About Altair Advisory

Altair Advisory is a specialist aviation strategy consultancy providing board-level guidance and advisory services to stakeholders in the aviation industry: policymakers, OEMs, lessors, airlines, and airports. The company was founded by Patrick Edmond in 2019 and draws on many years of senior commercial and strategy expertise. Altair Advisory has a particular focus on aviation sustainability and has completed a number of significant projects in this field. It is based near Shannon in Ireland, drawing on Ireland’s and Shannon’s long aviation heritage and skills.


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